Jarret Wollstein, editor of Intelligent Investor Report

“The 800 pound gorilla that controls this $28 Billion market can’t deliver.  But AWNE can … and is.  When word gets out, its stock could soar 400%.”—Jarret Wollstein

Over the last 9 months, 40 of his 45 stock picks have been winners. Average gain: 58%!

Wind turbines have generated clean, cost-efficient energy in Europe for years. Now that technology has taken hold throughout North America. Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Air Force, and cities like San Diego are buying every kilowatt of wind power they can get.

The Department of Energy forecasts wind power will supply 20% of America’s energy needs by 2010 – creating a $28.8 billion market.

Wind farms like this one are springing up all over the country, making wind power the fastest growing form of alternative energy.

General Electric (GE) controls the market for wind turbines, the vital component that converts wind into electricity. Demand is so great they simply can’t keep up, and currently have a 2-year order backlog.


Americas Wind Energy Corporation (AWNE) has stepped into the breach, filling orders and snapping up market share from the industry leader. They’re making customers happy because: (a) they can deliver badly needed equipment right away, and (b) their European-designed wind turbines are smaller, tougher, cheaper, easier to install … just plain better!

Thus far, AWNE has gone unnoticed by Wall Street. But as they install more wind turbines and gain additional market share, the stock should begin to take off.

BREAKING NEWS: AWNE has just completed a major wind turbine installation for Vector Energy. An additional installation is scheduled for late November.

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