Little known research firm* develops
food-safe formula to destroy anthrax and the EPA’s top 6 pathogens

   It’s a major blow against bioterrorism and a stunning development for food-safety, a key priority of Homeland Security and health officials worldwide!

    Now they’re after avian flu…for a quantum improvement in health and food safety. News is just now getting out, which makes this the ideal time for early investors.

Company: eFoodSafety, Inc.
Current: $0.28

$0.60 in 3 months
$0.90 in 12 months

Recommendation: Urgent Buy Now

      Shares of EFSF could soar by 200% to 300% in 2005 so that $5,000 invested now could grow to $10,000 to $15,000 in 12 months or less!.

    To understand the enormity of this development, you must recall that anthrax is one of the most serious of all terrorist threats. The US Department of Defense calls anthrax the worst of all biological weapons, so highly lethal that 100 million lethal doses can be obtained from a single gram of material. However, eFoodSafety has perfected what is proving to be the only known substance to kill 100% of all anthrax that is safe to use, even around humans, animals and food!

    In similar technological developments, eFoodSafety has perfected patented processes designed to improve the sanitization of food and food-handling facilities that could quite literally make decades-old food cleansing practices obsolete within 2 to 5 years.

 EFSF could soar in value on the anthrax news alone…

    Longer term, eFoodSafety management projects several hundred million in revenues for its revolutionary food-safe sanitization processes. That could make EFSF a $30 stock in 5 years.

    A $5,000 investment today could grow to surpass $535,000!

    In time, eFoodSafety shows significant promise for becoming standardized throughout agriculture and food delivery pipeline. It’s proving to be 3,200 times more effective than existing processes, as well as being less costly and less toxic in use.

    These benefits alone could be enough to make EFSF a hugely profitable investment at this stage of the game…but there’s one more benefit that could revolutionize the industry and make early investors rich.


    When the eFoodSafety process is used with almost any fresh fruit or vegetable, shelf life (time from field to table) improves anywhere from 48% to 227%!

    Simply by changing to eFoodSafety cleansing processes, farmers, shippers, and grocers can get more food to consumers at lower cost.

    Why you should consider EFSF for your portfolio today.

     Earlier this year, rumors of eFoodSafety developments drove a sudden explosion in the stock price to nearly $0.70. The price consolidated to channel in the $0.25 to $0.30 range since late September. Clearly, a solid base has formed with respectable volume and growing interest in the future of this company.

    You can expect more news to be released soon about eFoodSafety’s anthrax sporocide and food cleansing processes. With the base firmly established, the upside for investors at this stage could be significant, with modest risk to the downside.