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Millions of middle-class families like yours are sinking into poverty

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Good jobs are disappearing, as America's economy quietly implodes

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Your energy, food and insurance costs are going through the roof

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Your bank and retirement accounts could be seized at any time, as our government drowns in debt

Protect your family & fight back with . . .

Your Ultimate
Survival Guide

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Dear Fellow American:

The middle-class in America is rapidly disappearing. Even affluent families are being financially ravaged by stagnant incomes . . . rising taxes and insurance . . . and soaring prices for food, energy, housing, and transportation.

In the next five years, millions of middle-class families like yours will see their standard of living collapse. You need to take action quickly to protect your family. Here are the frightening facts:

  • The average household has 36% less wealth than they did just ten years ago.
  • Over one million public school children are homeless.
  • One out of every seven Americans now relies on food banks to eat.
  • Only 48% of Americans can immediately come up with $400 in emergency cash.
  • One out of every six men in their prime working years (25-54) don’t have a job.

The brutal reality is that the middle-class has been shrinking for decades, and it's getting worse.  Outrageous new taxes, government mandates, and regulations will bankrupt thousands of families during the next few years:


Your energy bills will soar. Heat and power costs went up over 100% in six years under President Obama. They will double yet again in the next 3 years, as new EPA regulations shut down virtually all coal mines, up to half of our power plants, and many gasoline refineries.


ObamaCare will double your health insurance costs . . . again. Premiums for many middle-class Americans are set to rise by another 100%-200% within 18 months, forcing many families to choose between having a roof over their heads and paying medical costs.


Millions of homes will face foreclosure in the next 24 months. A new wave of interest-only mortgages has trapped families in mortgages they can't afford.


60% federal income tax rates. The World Bank is now pushing for 60% income tax rates world-wide and President Obama agrees. Obama's "emergency" edicts could double your taxes.


Your bank and retirement accounts can now be seized by the government. Under Dodd-Frank regulations (enacted 2010), the money in your bank accounts can be seized if your bank has financial problems (and hundreds already do). That already happened to thousands of U.S. account holders during the Savings & Loan Crisis of the 1980s, and it could soon happen again across America.

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Yes, this is horrible news for the Middle Class. But you don't have to be a victim.

There are dozens of simple and practical steps you can take now to protect your family, your home and your income . . . and build real wealth.

Learn how to protect your family and wealth in my exclusive new Special Report . . .

The Disappearing Middle Class:
Your Ultimate Middle Class Survival Guide

The Disappearing Middle Class — shows you dozens of  simple, practical ways to increase your income . . . protect your bank accounts . . . shelter your retirement funds . . . slash your expenses without lowering your living standard . . . cut your taxes to the bone . . . and get 20% to 40% returns on your investments year after year.

Here is just some of the urgent information you'll learn in The Disappearing Middle Class,
hot off the presses:


Dozens of practical ways to SLASH your expenses by 30% to 50%, without compromising your standard of living.


How to save up to 70% on housing: Where in the U.S. to find affordable homes in safe communities.


The real solution to disappearing jobs: The incredible cost of excessive taxes and regulation for families like yours . . . how to stop it once and for all.

checkmark3 Double your income: The best careers in today's markets, including ten great websites that show you how to find the best-paying jobs.
checkmark3 How to legally eliminate credit card debt. This one tip alone could increase your disposable income by 20%.
checkmark4 11 ways to minimize your taxes, and drastically reduce your risk of a tax audit.
checkmark3 Best and worst states for property tax. This is vital information if you are retiring soon.
checkmark3 Great government programs for the middle class; how you can get Uncle Sam to pay for your education, remodel your home, and even move to another state. 
checkmark3 My five top investment picks, including a bank account that allows you to keep money in precious metals. Many of these picks are currently up over 120% in just a few years.
checkmark3 Dividend stocks that give you returns of 5% to 8% year-after-year, plus appreciation. By reinvesting dividends, top-performing dividend stocks can boost your effective annual return to nearly 18% a year.

This just scratches the surface of the vital information you will find in my exclusive new Report, The Disappearing Middle Class. . A single recommendation could greatly increase your income . . . slash your monthly expenses . . . and protect your home from forfeiture.

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20 Years of Uncanny Predictions
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I'm Jarret Wollstein, editor of the Intelligent Investor Report (IIR), and author of over 2,000 articles, books, and Special Reports on finance, geo-politics, and investing.

For over 30 years, I've provided my readers with unique insight into global trends, provided advanced warning of major social and financial upheavals, and shown them how to turn crisis into opportunities.

Here are just a few of my many accurate predictions:

arrow 9/11 2001 Attacks on America predicted in 1993:  In The Rage of Islam (1993), I predicted terrorist attacks on Washington, D.C. and New York. I showed how to protect yourself, including buying gold and silver, which have since soared over 300%.
mortgage meltdown

Mortgage Meltdown predicted 18 months in advance: In June 2005, when housing prices in the U.S. were hitting all-time highs I warned that housing prices would collapse "within 18 months." Subscribers to the Intelligent Investor Report (IIR) who followed my advice were able to sell at the top of the market, make large profits, and avoid enormous losses.

arrow 100%+ Obamacare Rate Hikes Predicted: In the October 2010 issue of IIR I predicted that Obamacare would result in HUGE Increases in health insurance rates. Since then rates have increased by 100% to over 300% for millions of Americans. In my newsletter you'll learn dozens of ways to legally opt out of Obamacare and get great medical care for less than the cost of your co-payments.

2013: Housing prices will again fall. In my January 2013 IIR issue I predicted that housing prices would begin falling by the end of the year. In June, reported "many professionals in the mortgage industry believe that home prices actually peaked last summer [2013]." (Christopher Whalen, "KBRA's Whalen: Are US home prices falling," June 4, 2014,

Housing prices have gone up a little since then, but another BIG crash is looming, in my IIR newsletter I'll tell you when the next crash is likely and how to protect yourself.

housing prices

These are just a few of the dozens of accurate, major predictions I've made in my Intelligent Investor Report and other publications.

How have I been able to make such accurate predictions year-after-year, for over 20 years?

The short answer: A life-long study of economics, politics, and international trends. Reading 40 publications a month, a genius-level IQ, and having a very good memory also helps.

There is only one place where you can get my next predictions, and exclusive analysis and investment recommendations:

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Every month my Intelligent Investor Report provides you with a unique blend of smart investment advice . . . cutting-edge economic and political commentary . . . exclusive privacy briefs . . . great stock picks . . . and in-depth analysis of vital issues that affect you and your finances.

Recent and upcoming articles include:


Uncle Sam's Plans to Seize Your Bank Accounts: What you must do immediately to insulate your savings and retirement. Just taking out a few thousand in cash is now being criminalized!


The NEW European Debt Crisis: How it could destroy your bank and trigger a global Great Depression. How this crisis is making some savvy investors RICH.

checkmark3 Islamic State Terrorism: Dangers and opportunities. Select defense and disaster stocks are already soaring. Learn how to invest now.

22 ObamaCare Alternatives: How to legally save thousands on health care, and avoid huge premiums.

checkmark3 World-Class Tech Stocks: 5-15-fold returns that you could make you very comfortable.
checkmark4 The Case For Optimism: 20 Ways the World Is Getting Better

You will also find world-class investment recommendations:

In my Intelligent Investor Report (IIR), you will also find world-class investment recommendations:

For the last 10 years our stock returns have averaged 47% a year (winners and losers included), all publicly-documented.     

At that rate, a $10,000 investment grows to nearly $150,000 in just 7 years. That's world-class returns.

Here are a few examples of the huge returns from my current open stock picks (as of 3-4-15):

checkmark4 Altria Group (MO), up 184.35%
checkmark4 Dominion Resources (D), up 96.69%
checkmark4 Extra Space Storage (EXR), up 197.68%.
checkmark4 MasterCard (MA), up 160.24%

You can only find this investment portfolio in my Intelligent Investor Report. This is world-class financial information you will find nowhere else.

Whether you are young or old . . . a conservative or an aggressive investor . . . a long-time investor or a newbie, you'll discover great investment recommendations.

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Bonus Report #2: The Ten Commandments of Gold and Silver (a $20-value) . . . why massive inflation is now inevitable thanks to enormous federal and state deficits . . . why gold could soar to over $3,000 an ounce, and silver to over $50, in the next few years . . . how to buy gold and silver at the lowest prices – and sell at the best price . . . bullion coins vs. numismatics . . . how to find a dealer you can trust. gold and silver
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Bonus Report #4: Retirement Raid: Uncle Sam’s Plans to Confiscate Your U.S. Bank & Retirement Accounts (a $35-value). It's already happened in over a dozen other countries – including Argentina, Cyprus, Greece, and Poland – and it could soon happen here. Learn about the global elite's plans to impose 60% taxes on your income, and seizing your bank and retirement accounts. Learn 12 practical ways to protect your savings and pension. retirement raid
Bonus Report #5: FATCA: A License to Steal Your Foreign Assets (a $35-value). Learn about the horrific penalties imposed by the new Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act for simply not filling out some government paperwork . . . how the IRS now encourages foreign governments to seize the assets of their citizens . . . little-known ways to still legally open foreign bank and investment accounts . . . and ten ways to protect yourself from FATCA. FACTA
Bonus #6: Mega-Report Surviving Financial Crisis ($95-value). My 210-page manual explains . . . how to find out NOW if your bank, insurance company, and pension plan are safe . . . best ways to protect your job and business . . . how to cut your taxes . . . how to reduce your risk of audit by 95% . . . how to legally transfer wealth overseas . . . how to slash your expenses on everything . . . how to avoid foreclosure . . . and much more. financial crisis

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 Middle-class families like yours are under attack like never before. In the next 18 months, you will see your energy and health insurance bills skyrocket . . . your taxes soar . . . and the cost of nearly every necessity you buy go through the roof.

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