“Homemaker cashes in big
on stock pick released by Iowa mad man…whose next pick is Black Hawk Exploration (OTCBB:BHWX)”

The fact that Secret Stock Picks members have slaughtered Wall Street with monstrous gains is only part of the reason some people consider it's founder, Nathaniel Hayes, to be "mad."

The growing demand for a wonder metal that powers everything from cell phones to iPods to computers to hybrid electric cars is quietly seeing incredible growth—with a huge price spike just around the corner.

It’s not too late to get in on this boom. And if you act now you could make as much as 500% or more with a select stock poised to profit.

October 1, 2009

I’m Nathaniel Hayes and what follows is just some of the reasons I believe this select mining stock to be the best way to take advantage of the "lithium bull market" that’s about to begin.

An unprecedented bull run is about to take off thanks to an unquenchable demand for what could be the most sought after metal on the planet—LITIHIUM.

On the eve of this boom, key lithium mining stocks have already taken off.

  • Western Lithium up 500% in just 9 months.
  • New World Resources up 300% in just 4 months.
  • And Quest Uranium rocketed 960% in just 12 weeks!

That’s why members of SecertStockPicks.com have been advised to corner their share of this bull market with a single lithium mining stock we strongly recommend—and for the first time ever we are sharing this recommendation with NON-MEMBERS.

Right now the price is hovering at around $0.95. But in the next 12 months it could produce a profit as high as 500%, turning a $5,000 investment into $25,000.

The company is called Black Hawk Exploration

Black Hawk Exploration is a microcap company best known for their acquisition and exploration of mining properties. It focused primarily on the exploration of uranium, gold, silver, lead, zinc, and iron ores.

But that has changed dramatically.

Recently, Black Hawk Exploration saw the opportunity to acquire one of the richest LITHIUM properties on the planet...and with great efficiency shifted their entire operation to LITHIUM MODE.

Why lithium? Why now?

Lithium is the lightest of all metals found on earth and the secret power behind our modern way of life.

Because of its extremely high electrochemical potential, lithium-based batteries can produce twice the voltage as lead-acid or zinc batteries. And with its low atomic mass, it has a high charge- and power-to-weight ratio.

So when it comes to those power hungry portable devices you use everyday—lithium is indispensible. Lithium-ion batteries are already in use in over 60% of all mobile phones and in 90% of all laptop computers. Plus, lithium compounds are essential for other modern conveniences including aerospace alloys, ceramics, refrigeration, pharmaceuticals, textiles, propellants and more.

  • In 2006, according to the USGS, the United States was the leading consumer of lithium minerals and compounds—and the leading producer of value-added lithium materials.
  • Overall demand for lithium is growing at a rate of 5% every year.
  • The demand for lithium-based batteries is predicted to grow by 20% every year.

And we haven’t even scratched the big itch…

The Hybrid Electric Car Revolution

Congress has already primed the pump for an historical boom of this little-known metal.

$5 Billion Devoted to Lithium

Remember that big stimulus package? Well, $5 BILLION of it is specifically set aside for loans, grants and tax credits to help stimulate the development of large scale domestic production of advanced lithium-ion batteries for hybrid and electric cars.

Another $16.8 BILLION is set aside to promote energy efficiency and the development of renewable energy. $2 BILLION of that is going to developing a domestic battery industry and another $2.4 BILLION is for tax credits for building battery plants.

What’s more, another bonus is the $7,500 tax credit offered to consumers who buy plug-in hybrid cars powered by lithium-ion batteries.

With the high price of gasoline, the public demand for energy independence and concern over climate change, auto makers are also taking action.

  • GM announced it’s building a plant to manufacture lithium-ion batteries for the Chevy Volt scheduled to debut in 2011.
  • The Ford Escape plug-in hybrid (with the same lithium power technology) is slated for 2012.
  • The Chrysler EcoVoyager, Dodge ZEO, Jeep Renegade and the Saturn Flextreme are all slated for lithium-ion batteries.
  • Toyota hopes to launch plug-in hybrid Priuses with lithium-ion batteries later this year.
  • Nissan will use lithium-ion batteries for the 65,000 hybrids they hope to manufacture by 2010.
  • BMW plans to launch its remodeled lithium-ion battery-powered 750i luxury sedan to the Japanese in 2010.
  • Mercedes-Benz anticipates launching its S400 Blue HYBRID with a lithium-ion battery next year.

With the government, consumers and auto manufacturers together backing lithium-ion powered vehicles, we are potentially looking at…

A huge lithium price spike just around the corner

As I mentioned earlier, demand for lithium is exploding. In fact, it is a global phenomenon with countries like China and India and their billion-plus populations hungry for the new lithium powered technologies that go along with an increasing standard of living.

Exploding demand means exploding prices—and possibly a supply crisis.

Reuters recently reported that… “a spike in the demand
for lithium could be fraught with difficulties.”

Well over 95,000 tons of lithium carbonate was produced in 2008. And during that same time the demand for lithium carbonate is estimated to have been in the range of 115,000 to 118,000 tons.

So with a shortage and increasing demand, prices have been going up.

In fact, lithium prices have nearly tripled over the past decade.

And with the technological genie out of the bottle, this demand will not diminish but only increase exponentially with the demand for electric-hybrid cars.

That’s because a hybrid electric car requires about 3,000 times the lithium used in a cell phone and 100 times the lithium of a laptop.

So why Black Hawk Exploration?

Lithium is produced in only a handful of locations around the globe. And over half of the world’s supply is under the salt flats of Bolivia.

Bolivia is under the control of Marxist-socialist Evo Morales, a good friend of Hugo Chavez and no friend of the United States.

It’s Morales’ plan to leverage lithium as a bargaining tool to make Bolivia a significant player in the global market, line his own pockets and spread Marxism throughout South America.

And lithium companies with operations in Bolivia (and other parts of South America) are at risk of becoming nationalized to fuel Marxism in the region.

On the other hand, Black Hawk Exploration is an American lithium operation with 100% mineral rights to a property in the Clayton Valley region of Nevada.

For over 30,000 years lithium-rich brines have been accumulating in Nevada’s Clayton Valley. And free from the grasp of tinhorn dictators, this little patch of desert could be…

America’s answer to a growing lithium demand

In 1975, I.A. Kunasz of the American Institute of Mining estimated the mineral endowment of the Clayton Valley to be a staggering 750 million kg of lithium.

A more recent study in 2000 by Price, Lechler, Lear & Giles suggests that there may be significantly MORE lithium because groundwater is actually feeding the valley with NEW lithium from rhyolite, an underground volcanic rock. Their report states…

“Replenishment of brines comes from surrounding rhyolite, which are the most lithium rich in the world. Brines in the area have concentrations as high as 1000 ppm. Concentrations as low as 166 ppm have been used in lithium brine pool extraction methods.”

This could mean that Clayton Valley has the potential to become America’s own Saudi Arabia of lithium! And Black Hawk Exploration is sitting on this prime real estate.

What’s more, Black Hawk is focused on lithium brine solutions, not solid phase lithium like many other U.S. and Canadian based operations.

Recovering lithium from brine solutions is easier, quicker and cheaper than hard rock mining. So operation costs stay low, which maximizes profit potential.

And recovery from lithium brines is a virtual zero waste mining process.

Better still, the Black Hawk properties are just minutes away from the ONLY lithium production plant in the United States. So there are no expensive transportation costs.

The bottom line is that the lowest cost lithium producers will emerge as the leaders in lithium production.

PLUS Black Hawk Exploration makes
an attractive takeover target

The best news that can possibly happen is for you to cash in before any lithium is ever recovered.

The Canadian Press recently reported that large mining companies are actively seeking takeover targets. They know that demand for lithium-powered computers, cell phones, and cars will only continue to increase. And they know that only a handful of places on the planet produce lithium.

The moment these companies sniff out an opportunity like Black Hawk Exploration (BHWX), they’re likely to swoop in and buy up every last share. If you’re in when that happens, you could be smiling all the way to the bank.

And even if none of the mining giants buy Black Hawk, you could still see great things happen to the stock as the lithium boom takes off.

Add up the advantages of
Black Hawk Exploration (BHWX)

Look, lithium may not be as sexy as gold or silver or even uranium. But I’m not recommending sexy. I’m recommending a little-known, undervalued exploration company that could multiply your investment 300%, 400%, 500% or even more when the lithium boom explodes.

Let’s review…

  • Lithium has become the hot new high-tech metal for the 21st century. Because no metal is lighter and its heat-transference properties unsurpassed—it is essential for the meeting the power needs of cell phones, iPods, BlackBerrys, computers and the growing number of hybrid electric cars.
  • Black Hawk Exploration holds 100% mineral rights to a property in the lithium-rich Clayton Valley—what some experts believe could dwarf even the lithium resources of Bolivia.
  • Black Hawk Exploration specializes in cheap and easy to recover high quality lithium brines.
  • The Black Hawk properties are just a short drive to the ONLY lithium production facility in the United States.
  • Black Hawk Exploration is well-positioned for a takeover from a mining giant potentially making money for shareholders before a single gram of lithium is recovered.

If Black Hawk Exploration performs as I expect it to, a $5,000 investment could be worth $25,000 or more just 12 months from now.

Remember what I said about a possible takeover? A Canadian mining giant has just swooped in to purchase a 100% interest in a lithium operation which included 29 mineral claims in Quebec. And another Canadian mining titan has just purchased a 100% interest in 37 mineral claims in Churchill and Pershing Counties, Nevada. They are out shopping. So time is essential. Once word gets out and the boom is on, all bets are off. You’ll be too late. And you’ll only have yourself to blame. So go online or call your discount broker to invest in Black Hawk Exploration (OTCBB: BHWX).

Here are some of my recent picks

Stock Recommended
Buy Price
Sell Price
Percentage Change
BONU $0.36 - August 2009 $1.80 - August 2009 +397%
HEB $0.63 - May 2009 HOLD  
BEHL $0.03 - July 2009 $0.13 - August 2009 +333%

Some historical picks…all were penny stocks
that went on to be homeruns…

  • TRLG- from $0.90 on the OTCBB to $34 on NASDAQ
  • GTE- from $0.85 to $6.50 on AMEX
  • BMRN- from $2.00 to $40.00 on NASDAQ

To a profitable future in lithium,
Nathaniel Hayes

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