"Worried about losing your listing for sale when YOUR client wants to rent their house?

With TLC Property Management, the sale of the home
comes back to you PLUS you receive a $300 referral fee!


     I'm Elin Greer, the broker/owner for TLC Property Management (TLC) and we want to become your trusted resource for your clients that are looking to rent their homes in Cape Coral and Fort Myers.

     TLC specializes only in property management and does not sell homes to owners or tenants. If your client decides to sell their rental property, the sale of the home reverts back to you!

     At TLC, we know the importance of having your client's rental managed professionally. We have over 12 years of real estate experience with the last 4 years specializing only in residential property management. We are friendly, caring, and knowledgeable experts in residential property management.

     Here's just a few of the things we can do for you and your clients:

Quickly Secure Qualified Tenants Vacancy Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance and Repairs Annual Property Review
Video Documentation Regular Inspections of Property
“TLC became the property manager and successfully rented this beautiful home to a well qualified tenant within 2 weeks.  Let us show you what we can do for your client’s investment properties!”

     Rest assured, your client's property will be treated as if it were our own. You’ll have confidence knowing that when a tenant moves out, the property is inspected and brought back to tip-top condition.

     We currently have a long list of qualified tenants looking to rent a home in the Cape Coral and Ft Myers area and we need more inventory of homes!

     Keep in mind, with real estate prices in Cape Coral and Ft Myers being lower thanthey have been in the past 10 years, now is an incredible time for your clients to invest in residential real estate.

     Call me today at 239-989-6713 or simply email me at Elin@TLCCapeCoral.com. to discuss your client's property management needs and how TLC can become a trusted resource for all of your residential property management needs.



Elin Greer
Broker/Owner TLC Property Management
It’s the LEASE we can do

P.S. I wanted to remind you about the $300 referral fee for any vacant rental units that are placed with TLC! (commission paid upon tenant placement). What’s more, you get the sale when it’s back on the market. It’s a win-win situation for all of us.

“TLC has received training from the very elite “The Property Management Academy” and are professional members of the following:”

Here is what our current realtors and investors are saying about TLC Property:

Extremely Satisfied

It was a pleasure working with you and your office. All my questions were answered promptly and my clients were extremely satisfied with the turnaround time in relation to submitting their application and getting placed into their new home.

The positive experience I had working with you will ensure that you receive all my rental leads in the future. Thanks for all the hard work. —Nicoletta Mazzara, Realtor Treeline Realty Corp.

A Dream Come True

Reaching out and finding Elin Greer through an internet search could not have produced better results. Having a higher end residence come available in this economy had been quite disc omforting. Scary is better stated.

Elin Greer quickly provided peace of mind that the market was strong and getting asking price was realistic. Elin is the most proactive property manager I had spoken with since owning my property.

Within days Elin had shown my place to prospective tenants and had taken pictures to use for an internet MLS listing. In less than two weeks, Elin secured a qualified tenant looking for a multi year commitment. As my daughter said when leaving Disney World, "This is a dream come true!!"

"I look forward to working with Elin for many years to come. She has earned EVERY referral I can provide. —Dale Wittick, Jr.,

Or phone us at 239.989.6713 or email us at Elin@TLCCapeCoral.com