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The Government is
Coming for Your Cash

“They're coming for your money. The U.S. and governments throughout the world are rapidly moving to ban all cash and criminalize all cash transactions.

“This is not an Orwellian prophesy; the war on cash has already begun and its implications are staggering.”

Jarret Wollstein, Editor & Publisher
Intelligent Investor Report

Imagine going into a store and trying to make a small purchase – such as a cup of coffee or sandwich – for cash, and being told that cash is no longer accepted.

Or try to put cash or gold coins into your safe deposit box, and being informed by your bank that is no longer allowed.

Even worse, imagine trying to take a few thousand in cash out of your bank account to buy an old car, only to be confronted by police when you get home and having your cash seized.

Incredibly, this is happening in America now. Step-by-step, use and possession of cash is being criminalized, and what's left of your financial privacy and freedom is being destroyed.

I'm Jarret Wollstein, editor and publisher of the Intelligent Investor Report, and the author over 50 books and Special Reports, and thousands of articles, read by millions throughout the world.

For over 30 years I've warned my readers of new threats to their financial privacy and freedom, how to protect themselves, and how to grow their wealth in our age of crisis.

Now I've uncovered the greatest threat to you of all.

The War on Cash threatens what's left of your
financial freedom & privacy

The motives are simple and horrifying: The Feds and big banks want to monitor and tax your every financial transaction, and cash gets in their way.

Without cash there is no such thing as money that you control. All money will be electronic, and controlled by the government. Your wealth will be tracked, taxed or eliminated at the push of a button, and for any reason.

The War on Cash is real and it's happening now. If they get their way, the government will track every financial move you make . . . . impose enormous new taxes on not just your income but your total wealth . . . and wipe out what's left of your financial privacy and freedom.

My new Special Report PackageThe Global War On Cash — shows you precisely how cash is being criminalized . . . why your wealth is next . . . and what you can do about it.

This is certainly the most important report I've ever written, and our last chance to preserve our privacy and a free America.

I urge you to go HERE to learn more about how the War on Cash threatens your assets, privacy and freedom . . . and how you can get my new reports.

Sincerely yours,

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Jarret B. Wollstein, Editor and Publisher
Intelligent Investor Report (IIR)

Go HERE to learn more about
The War on Cash.

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